Question: Should section be amended to reorganize the command staff of the Fire Force to include six Deputy Chiefs of Fire, four Commanders of Fire and a seventh Deputy Chief and/or fifth Commander for homeland security or for any reason determined to best serve the public interest, to be appointed by the Fire Chief from certain ranks in the Fire Force as detailed in the amendment, and that, upon termination in the new opposition, the officers revert to the civil service status held at the time of appointment?

Proposed Language:

§ 118     Fire Force; Control by Chief

The Fire Force shall consist of a Chief, six Deputy Chiefs of Fire, four Commanders of Fire and other officers, firefighters and employees as may be provided by ordinance or resolution of the Council. The Mayor may appoint a seventh Deputy Chief and/or a fifth Commander to protect the people from homeland security threats or for any reason determined to best serve the public interest. In case of riot, conflagration, or like emergency the Mayor may appoint additional firefighters and officers for temporary service who need not be in the classified service. The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor from the Division of Fire from the rank of Deputy Chief/Assistant Chief or Battalion Chief through an assessment process as determined by Civil Service. If an insufficient number (less than 3) of Deputy Chiefs/Assistant Chiefs or Battalion Chiefs submit themselves for consideration to the position of Chief of the Division then a Commander with a minimum 3 years experience may be considered. The Fire Chief will appoint the position of Deputy Chief from the ranks of Assistant Chief or Battalion Chief; Commanders from the ranks of Battalion Chief, Captain or Lieutenant. The position of Deputy Chief will be created upon the separation of current Assistant Chiefs; Commander positions upon separation of current Battalion Chiefs, Captains or Lieutenants such that the current civil service eligibility list has expired. Upon termination of their service as Deputy Chief or Commander of Fire they shall revert to the civil service status held by them at the time of their appointment in so far as it is competent for this charter to provide. The Fire Chief shall have exclusive control of the stationing and transfer of all firefighters and other officers and employees constituting the Fire Force under rules and regulations as may be established by the Mayor or by the director of the department of which the Fire Chief may be immediately responsible.