Question: Should section be amended to remove the requirement that nominating petitions be accompanied with an affidavit from the circulator?

Proposed Language:

§ 7     Nominating Petition Papers

The form of nominating papers shall be substantially as follows:

“We, the undersigned qualified electors of the City of Cleveland (or ————— ward of the City of Cleveland), and residing at the places set opposite our respective names, do hereby request that the name of —————————— be placed upon the primary election ballot as a candidate for nomination for the office of —————————— at the primary election to be held in said city (or in said ward) on the ————— day of ————— , 19 ————— .

Names of Qualified Electors Residence Address Date



State of Ohio

County of Cuyahoga} ss:

____________________ (Name of Circulator of Petition), declares under penalty of election falsification that the circulator of the petition is a qualified elector of the state of Ohio and resides at the address appearing below the circulator’s signature; that the circulator is the circulator of the foregoing petition paper containing _________ (Number) signatures; that the circulator witnessed the affixing of every signature; that all signers were to the best of the circulator’s knowledge and belief qualified to sign; and that every signature is to the best of the circulator’s knowledge and belief the signature of the person whose signature it purports to be.


(Signature of Circulator)


(Address of Circulator)”

The nominating petition shall contain the penalty for election falsification as prescribed by the general law of the State.