Question: Should the Charter sections concerning campaign finance laws be amended to simply provide that the Council shall by ordinance provide for limitations on campaign contribution contributions for City elections?

Proposed Language:

§ 23-1     Campaign Financing Laws

The Council shall provide by ordinance for limitations on campaign contributions made to the campaign committees for all candidates in all primary, regular and special elections for the office of Mayor and the office of member of Council. The Council shall by ordinance provide penalties for exceeding the campaign contribution limitations and an appeal process for persons alleges to have violated the campaign contribution limitations. Council shall make readily available to the public the campaign finance reports of each member of Council. .

§ 23-2     Comprehensive Disclosure Rules—REPEALED

§ 23-3     Fair Campaign Finance Commission—REPEALED

§ 23-4     Penalties—REPEALED

§ 23-5     Appeals Process—REPEALED

§ 23-6     Review of Campaign Financing Laws—REPEALED

§ 23-7     Passage of Legislation—REPEALED