Question: Should section be amended to provide that all ordinances and resolutions, except for emergency measures, shall be in effect from and after “thirty (30) days” of passage instead of the current forty (40) days of passage?

Proposed Language:

§ 36     Emergency Measures

All ordinances and resolutions shall be in effect from and after thirty (30) days from the date of their passage by the Council except as otherwise provided in this Charter. The Council may by a two-thirds vote of the members electedto the Council, pass emergency measures to take effect at the time indicatedin the emergency measure. An emergency measure is an ordinance or resolution for the immediate preservation of the public peace, property, health, or safety, or providing for the usual daily operation of a Municipal department, in which the emergency is set forth and defined in a preambleto the emergency measure. Ordinances appropriating money may be passed as emergency measures, but no measure making a grant, renewal or extension of a franchise or other special privilege, or regulating the rate to be charged for its services by any public utility, shall ever be so passed.