Question: Should new section be added to create a Cleveland Global Initiative and New Market Opportunities and Investment Attraction Commission consisting of nine members selected in accordance with the section and to submit an annual report?

Proposed language:

§76-9 The Cleveland Global Initiative on New Market Opportunities and Investment Attraction Commission [NEW]

(a) The Cleveland Global Initiative on New Market Opportunities and Investment Attraction Commission is hereby established to study the City’s growing international diversity and its relationship to promoting new market opportunities and investment attraction to Cleveland from the world. The commission shall study the following questions:

1. What (if any) new methods or institutions should be encouraged to create urgency among potential partners, which include but is not limited to the private business sector, government, civil society, academia, and other partners interested in creating sustainable new market and investment attraction opportunities that lead to positive trade, new businesses, and job creation?

2. Who (if any) are the existing beneficiaries of international new markets and what are the direct or indirect potential benefits for Cleveland to lead regional attention that focuses on specific industry reciprocal opportunities?

3. What (if anything) should be done to increase the extent to which regulatory obstacles that might be encountered are resolved? What will be required to strengthen, mobilize, and use public and private development resources to transform and aggressively expand our global presence in emerging market opportunities, which lead to the growth of regional businesses, produce new businesses, and job creation?

(b) The Cleveland Global Initiative on New Market Opportunity and Investment Attraction Commission shall consist of (9) members including (3) members appointed by the Mayor one of which shall serve as chair, (2) members of City Council appointed by Council President, (1) member from the mayor and managers association, (1) member appointed by from Cuyahoga County Commissioners, (1) member who is the Governors regional economic development administrator and liaison to Ohio foreign offices, and (1) member from the foreign consultant core who shall serve in non-voting capacity unless otherwise recommended by the mayor, authorized by law, and a simple commission majority. Members should be selected from different business segments.

The Commission shall have the power to accept gifts and grants pursuant to law an the fiscal control policy of the City; executive sessions and the conduct of the committee meetings shall be defined by the City rules on boards and commissions; and stipend(s), if any, shall be determined by budget recommendations to City Council by the Mayor. The Commission shall present a written report annually, and the first report shall be due by April 2, 2010. The commission shall establish an organizational structure, which will include an administration in their first report in addition to direction on the aforementioned questions.