Question: Should section 191 be amended to to eliminate prevailing wage requirements for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements?

Proposed Language:

§ 191 Compensation of Officers and Employees

The salary or compensation of all officers and employees in the unclassified service of the City shall be fixed by ordinance, or as may be provided by ordinance. The salary or compensation of all other officers and employees shall be fixed by the appointing authority in accordance with ability, fitness and seniority within the limits set forth in the Council’s salary or compensation schedule for which provision is hereinafter made and in accordance with any applicable collective bargaining agreements. The Council shall by ordinance establish a schedule of compensation for officers and employees in the classified service, which schedule shall provide for like compensation for like services and shall provide minimum and maximum rates (which may be identical) of salary or compensation for each grade and classification of positions determined by the Civil Service Commission under Section 126 of this Charter.

The salary of any officer or member of a board or commission in the unclassified service of the City shall not be increased or diminished during the term for which he was elected or appointed. Salaries and compensation fixed at the time this section takes effect shall continue in force until otherwise fixed as provided in this section. All fees pertaining to any office shall be paid into the City Treasury.