Proposal #133 question: Should section be amended to shorten the time for the appointment and work of a Charter Review Commission?

Proposal #134 question: Should section be amended to extend the time in which the Charter Review Commission must complete its work be extended from six months to one year?

Proposal #135 question: Should section be amended to remove the 30-day time period during which the Council determines whether to submit amendments to the electors?

Proposed Language:

§ 200-1 Charter Review Commission

Not later than the first day of February in the year [2014] [or 2018] and of each succeeding [sixth] [or tenth] year thereafter, the Council shall provide for the selection of a Charter Review Commission and shall appropriate adequate funds for a comprehensive review of the existing Charter provisions.

The Charter Review Commission shall consist of fifteen electors of the City of Cleveland appointed or elected in the manner prescribed by ordinance.

Within thirty days after selection the members shall meet, choose a Chairman and Secretary, and adopt rules to govern the procedure of the Commission. The Commission may employ necessary assistants and professional services as it deems necessary, within the funds appropriated for this purpose.

Not later than one year after its organization the Charter Review Commission shall report to the Council proposed amendments to the Charter as the Commission determines to be necessary or desirable and a statement of the reasons for submitting the proposed amendments to the electors; or that no changes in the Charter are required or desired.

Upon receipt of the report of the Charter Review Commission setting forth any proposed amendment or amendments to the Charter, the Council shall determine by ordinance whether the proposed amendment or amendments shall be submitted to the electors of the City of Cleveland in the manner provided and governed by the provisions of Section 200 and in conformity with Section 9 of Article XVIII, of the Ohio Constitution.