Question: Should section be amended to provide an alternative method of public improvement that combines the design professional contract with the public improvement contract in the manner provided below?

Proposed Language:

§ 167     Public Improvements by Contract or Direct Labor

Public improvements of all kinds may be made by the appropriate department, either by direct employment of the necessary labor and the purchase of the necessary supplies and materials, with separate accounting as to each improvement so made, or by contract duly let to the lowest responsible bidder after competitive bidding, either for a gross price, or upon a unit basis for the improvement, or by contract containing a guaranteed maximum and stipulating that the City shall pay within such maximum the cost of labor and materials, plus a fixed percentage of profit to the contractor. Public improvements may also be made by combining the design professional contract with the public improvement contract, in a manner similar to a design-build or engineer, procure, construct (EPC) contract, and be awarded on the basis of the best proposal, taking into consideration the engineering and design, the construction method(s), the proposed design and construction costs, the total life cycle costs, the qualifications of the proposed design professional and the construction firm(s), and the other objectives of the project.

The Council shall by ordinance determine by which of the foregoing methods any improvement shall be made. Contracts may provide a bonus per day for completion of the contract prior to a specified date, and liquidated damages to the City to be exacted in like sum for every day of delay beyond a specified date.