The following statements and letters to the Commission are in pdf format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent software.

Civil Service:
Civil Service Employees Association: Proposed changes to the charter, 3/27/08
Municipal Construction Equipment Operators Union letter re: Section 132, 3/27/08
Jackson Administration: Recommended changes to civil service provisions, 4/3/08
Statement by Barbara Langhenry (Law Department) re: Administration civil service proposals, 4/3/08
Statement by Kenneth Silliman (Mayor’s Office) re: Administration civil service proposals, 4/3/08
Jackson Administration: Responses to CSEA and MCEO civil service proposals, 4/10/08
Jackson Administration: Concerning its recommendation to move civil service appeals section, 4/10/08
Civil Service Employees Association: Comments on Administration civil service proposals, 4/24/08
Municipal Construction Equipment Operators Union letter supplementing testimony, 4/24/08

Fire Division Chief and Command Staff:
Fire Chief Stubbs, memo dated 4/18/07
Fire Chief Stubbs, statement to Commission on classification of Fire Chief
Fire Fighters Local 93: Statement on airport fire service and civil service issues, 5/22/08

Size of City Council (and related):
Proposal by City Council President Martin Sweeney: Draft language
Presentation by Councilman Brian Cummins, 7/3/08
Proposal by Commission member Bill Callahan: Memo distributed 7/3/08
Draft language of current City Council reform proposals (link page)

Coming soon… elections, Council eligibility, airport police and fire services, and more!

(All Commission documents can be downloaded directly from the official Charter Review Commission site.)