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In a special meeting held today for the purpose, Cleveland City Council voted to put six Charter revision questions on the November 4 ballot.  Each of the six ballot questions covers a specific subject area of the Charter, and most include multiple revisions in their respective subject areas.

Here’s a complete pdf copy of all six ordinances that passed today.

The Charter chapters and topics affected by the six ballot questions are:

  1. Chapters 3, 7 and 9 — eleven separate changes in City election procedures
  2. Chapter 25 (Police and Fire) — two changes in the Office of Professional Standards and Police Review Board
  3. Chapters 17 and 31 (Finance and Public Improvements) —  four changes in rules governing City contract awards
  4. Chapter 27  — at least eight Civil Service changes (depending on how you count)
  5. Chapters 5, 7 and 9 — three changes in the rules governing how quickly ordinances become law and the citizen referendum power
  6. Chapter 5 — the proposal to tie the size of City Council to wards of 25,000 residents, starting in 2009.

Altogether, Council is recommending at least 29 separate changes affecting eight chapters of the Charter.

It was submitted to City Council late Friday, out to the public today.

The report (pdf file).