Charter Review is a public process, and City Council’s staff has been doing a good job of posting all the documents received and generated by the Charter Commission — along with agendas and notes of all the meetings — on the Commission’s section of Council’s website.

Unfortunately the pdf documents posted as “Supplementary Materials” — including testimony for and against many of the proposals — won’t open in most browsers and can only be accessed by downloading them.  This has been a problem for interested members of the public.

So I’m in the process of reposting most of these documents here, with a menu on the “Documents” page. So far the menu only includes letters and testimony related to Civil Service issues, including the Fire Chief appointment process.  But I should have most everything else linked in the next few days.

In addition, there’s a separate page for Community Meeting Testimony, which now includes everything  from our first community meeting on June 18th.  I’ll get the materials from June 24 and 26 up as soon as they become available at the City Council site.

Finally, I should acknowledge the terrific work Rick Horvath of the City Law Department has done in putting all 138 Charter revision proposals to date (with many more to come) into the numbered question-and-language format you see when you click any of these links.